Advanced lens surface coatings allow you to prevent scratches, reduce reflection and smudges, increase UV protection, and even make cleaning easier. Adding a Unity Performance Coating lens enhancement may also decrease eye fatigue and irritation, and can extend the life of your lenses.

What to expect with Unity Performance Coatings:

  • Reduce glare and reflections. Let people see the real you, not the reflection of the lights above. This also improves night driving and even eliminates those annoying reflections of your own eyes.
  • Lessen smudges and scratches. Most lenses can scratch easily, especially if you’re rough on them. Protect your lenses for everyday wear to extend their life.
  • Clean easily. Accidentally got a fingerprint on your lens? One quick wipe will take care of it.
  • Provide complete UV protection. Unity Performance Coatings are available with UVR Technology to reduce UV reflections from surfaces like sidewalks and windows.
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