Eyecare Associates offers state of the art digital retinal photography, which gives us a more complete view of the back of your eye (the retina) than has previously been possible. This technology enhances detection of macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and countless other conditions.

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Cirrus HD-OCT Retinal Scan

You may be worry about sight threatening diseases like macular degeneration or glaucoma or cognitive issues like Alzheimer’s Disease. This instrument takes 3 dimensional images of the eye, allowing us to see what’s happening within the layers of tissue with high resolution. Using a specific wavelength of laser, we can cut slices in through retinal, corneal or lens tissue. This technology helps us diagnose many retinal and corneal diseases. But more importantly, it allows us to monitor changes in these diseases to the micron. (There are 25,000 microns to an inch.) We’re able to track subtle changes, giving us better information to guide your treatment.

The newest addition in 2019 allows us to track blood flow in real time. This tells us more information with patients who have cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Below shows a healthy macula (part of the eye that allows you to see details and color); it has a nice valley in the middle of third image denoting healthy tissue.

These images show an increase in retinal thickness. Notice how elevated the tissue is in the spot where the valley used to be. We are also able to tell the thickness of any given point within a scan for more detail.

retinal thickness 1 retinal thickness 2

This instrument also can be used for specialty contact lens fitting, ensuring a better fit and less time spent in office. It also can give us corneal thickness, which is a test we use for our pre-Lasik patients.

corneal thickness
Central Corneal Thickness Measurement

Medmont Topography

Ever wonder how we fit contacts with ease? This instrument take an image of the front surface of your eye and gives us an image similar to that of a topographic map where red shows us steeper areas (like mountains) and blue areas are flatter (like oceans). The Medmont Topographer takes calculates over 100,000 points from each eye, giving us a beautifully detailed image of your cornea’s shape. This helps us to simplify complex contact lenses fits as well as make us confident with our more commonly used contacts. We are one of only a few offices with this technology in the greater Kansas City area.

Medmont Topography 1

The technology also allows us to visualize what a contact lens will look like on your eye before putting a lens on your eye.

Medmont Topography 2

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