Hemifacial Spasm ( Blepharospasm)

Histoplasmosis see Eye Diseases (General)

Intraocular Melanoma see Eye Cancer

Lazy Eye ( Amblyopia)

Low Vision see Low Vision & Blindness

Macular Hole see Retinal Disorders

Macular Pucker see Retinal Disorders

Microphthalmia see Anophthalmia & Microphthalmia

Ophthalmology see Eye Care

Pink Eye see Refractive Errors

Retinal Detachment see Retinal Disorders

Retinoblastoma see Eye Cancer

Retinopathy of Prematurity see Retinal Disorders

Small Eye Syndrome see Anophthalmia & Microphthalmia Usher Syndrome

Vitreous Detachment see Retinal Disorders


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