In celebration of Earth day, we wanted to remind you that you can recycle contact lenses and their blister packs. Not only do most of us throw away our contacts, many of us flush them! Throwing them into our waste water system is not a great idea, see our previous blog for details.

Dr. Sherwood created this great infographic for us to show the parts that we can recycle that usually fall through the cracks. Obviously, the cardboard boxes and plastic solution bottles can be recycled with your normal curbside pick up or taken to a recycling center. However, the smaller parts like the lenses and the blister packs will end up in the garbage even if you try to recycle them yourself as the machines that process the materials into separate piles can’t sort items that small.

contact lens recycling

For your convenience, you can drop off your items in our entry way or above the trash bin in our lobby. Please separate the foil from the plastic and place in a zip lock or paper bag. When you’re heading in for your exam, please place them, bag and all, in either of our collection bins. You can drop them off any time. (No appointment needed.)

Tip: Too much work to bring them somewhere else? Place the blister pack (without the foil) inside an empty plastic bottle and recycle the bottle. Now it can make it into processing and get reused.

Which contact lens is the most environmentally friendly? See our next blog for details.

how to recycle contact lenses

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Posted on April 21, 2021 by Laura Nennig, OD; she specializes in contact lens fittings, with advanced training in scleral lenses.