What’s the Most Environmentally Friendly Contact Lens Option?

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Ever wonder what the most environmentally friendly contact lens choice is? I’m here to help you navigate the options and to help you consider the full waste stream not just the lenses themselves. Let’s get started! Don’t feel bad if you wear contacts Before we dig in, it’s important to note that the difference in… Read more »

Recycle Your Contact Lenses

In celebration of Earth day, we wanted to remind you that you can recycle contact lenses and their blister packs. Not only do most of us throw away our contacts, many of us flush them! Throwing them into our waste water system is not a great idea, see our previous blog for details. Dr. Sherwood… Read more »

Contact lens disposal contaminating our waterways

Laura Nennig, OD August 20, 2018 Contact lens disposal is contributing to microplastic contamination in our waterways The American Chemical Society has published research regarding microplastic contamination in our waterways and how improper contact lens disposal is contributing to such contamination. Approximately 45 million Americans wear contact lenses, and according to research, about 20% may… Read more »