Scleral Lens Insertion and Removal Tips

Variety of contact lens designs

Scleral lens insertion and removal can be daunting. I hope the options below give you hope that you too can figure out how to get these lenses in and out with ease. My hope is that 6 months from now after effortlessly inserting or removing your lenses, that you smile at how far you’ve come… Read more »

What’s the Most Environmentally Friendly Contact Lens Option?

miru contacts

Ever wonder what the most environmentally friendly contact lens choice is? I’m here to help you navigate the options and to help you consider the full waste stream not just the lenses themselves. Let’s get started! Don’t feel bad if you wear contacts Before we dig in, it’s important to note that the difference in… Read more »

Scleral Lenses: Fact or Fiction

Have some burning questions about scleral lenses? We have your answers here. We couldn’t get to everything here, so we created another page that has lots more information about these amazing devices. Enjoy! Scleral lenses: Fact or Fiction Scleral lenses are only used with corneal diseases. Fiction: The first contact lenses ever used were a… Read more »